Weekly Digest #30 - Week of Feb 7

Thank you for being here today!

Mon...Today's joyful news is that some people seek to clean up a mess:

From the Good News Network:

The Guys Who Sell Ocean Plastic Bracelets Are Closing in on 8 Million Pounds of Waste Pulled From the Sea

Tue...Today's joyful news is that a brewskie brought a woman and her dog back together...from 1,400 miles away:

From McKinley Corbley's piece for the Good News Network:

Minnesota Woman Reunited With Long-Lost Dog After It Was Featured on Florida Beer Advertisement

You didn't see that one coming, did ya?!

Wed...Today's joyful news is that a dude won a game:

From SunnySkyz:

Chiefs Player Celebrates Super Bowl Win By Paying All Adoption Fees At Local Shelter

Thu...Today's joyful news is that somebody found an owl in a ditch:

From Mary Jo Dilonardo's piece for Mother Nature Network:

This little owl was found in a ditch, but her reason for being there was a surprise Here's a hint: they nicknamed her Plump. SPOILER ALERT: all ends well for Plump.

Fri...Today's joyful news is that a dude popped the question:

Lucas and Tamara D'Onofrio have a pretty famous love story. Their engagement video went viral after Tamara's last (successful) chemo treatment in 2015. You can check it out here:

You might also be thrilled to know that the couple has celebrated several wedding anniversaries to date. And Tamara keeps racking up birthdays. Super cool!

It has been a great week for gettin' Joyful! With a little bit of Joy, next week can be even better, come what may.

Here's to your joy!

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