Weekly Digest #28 (January 25, 2020)

If your traveling is smooth today, I hope that sunshine warms your face and the wind blows through your hair. If the road is rough, I wish you the best of endurance (and then rest).

Here's to your joy!

Monday's joyful news was that the 'boy from Troy' caught a ride to Atlanta:

From Hillman, Turner, and Bowman's piece for NPR's Morning Edition:

Rep. John Lewis' Fight For Civil Rights Began With A Letter To Martin Luther King Jr.

LEWIS: When I finished high school, I wrote a letter to Dr. King.

JACKSON: But you had not met him by this time. You were just writing him a blind letter. OK.

LEWIS: Wrote him a blind letter. He wrote me a letter.


LEWIS: He sent me a round-trip Greyhound bus ticket, invited me to come to Montgomery to meet with him. So in March of 1958 - by this time, I'm 18 years old. I boarded a Greyhound bus. I traveled the 50 miles from Troy to Montgomery and a young lawyer by the name of Fred Gray, who had been the lawyer for Rosa Parks with Dr. King, met me at the Greyhound bus station and drove me to the First Baptist Church and ushered me into the office at the church. I was so scared. I didn't know what to say or what to do. And Dr. King said, are you the boy from Troy? And I said, Dr. King, I am John Robert Lewis. I gave my whole name. But he still called me the boy from Troy.

Congressman Lewis is the last living speaker from the March on Washington. He is battling late-stage pancreatic cancer, and yet he continues to serve.

Tuesday's joyful news was that an 'Act of Kindness' can make a big difference:

From the WGXA (Macon, GA) Staff:

Local organizations hold "Act of Kindness" event for the homeless in Macon

Pastor Carol Walker of No Limit Ministries created the event after losing everything 14 years ago during a divorce. [She] said "I took my bitter pain and I put it into action. I did not sit down on the pain that I was actually going through. And what I actually did was, I said you know what, I could do something better with this."

Walker comments that she began to heal through giving and encourages others to give with her at the annual event.

Wednesday's joyful news was that somebody chopped, and delivered, some wood:

From Alexandra Gallo's report for 16WNEP: Firewood Donations Keeping Nuns Warm

The 16 sisters of the monastery near Elysburg [Pennsylvania] are certainly keeping warm this winter, thanks to firewood donations from businesses and people all over the area.

When Dave Mensch heard the sisters were going to run out of firewood last winter, he started to bring some by. Then when he put an ad out in the newspaper this year, he got call after call after call, and recruited some help.

The sisters tell us that even though they didn't ask for any of this, they are so thankful and hope a lesson can be learned.

“As soon as one person sees someone being generous, they want to be generous, too. It sparks something. We benefit greatly from their generosity but just the world benefits from that. Having that presence of generosity in the world, by the grace of God, it just spreads," Mother Agnes said.

The convent covers about 90 acres of land. Volunteers tell us they likely have enough firewood to last through the summer.

The sisters in Pennsylvania have chosen, "to live a simple, retired lifestyle largely free of modern conveniences, comforts, and technology."

So, they don't have chainsaws.

But Sister Margaret Ann does!

Thursday's joyful news was that a baby and a dog chilled out together:

This "Funny Babies Laughing Hysterically at Dogs Compilation" just might make your day. The baby's laugh around the 1:07-mark may be the greatest thing I've ever heard. Enjoy!

Friday's joyful news was that a teenager posted something on social media:

From SunnySkyz:

Woman [Liz Buechele] Shares 3,000 Posts Of Daily Happiness

Over eight years ago, a teenager began writing down what brings her joy every day and now runs a nonprofit organization dedicated to happiness.

That nonprofit organization is called the Smile Project, and they've got a fun website (among many other adventures, such as JOY DAY)!

Their invitation to you? It's simple:

"Take a few moments to soak up some joy. You'll be happy you did.

It's been a great week! Here's to your Joy, and thank you for stopping by today!


MostlyJoyful Matt

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