The JoyAt6 Gives us Wings - Weekly Digest #34!

Thank you for being here today!

With this week's digest, I want to challenge you to notice. If you look around you right now, what is one thing that you had not yet noticed? And, if you take a moment to consider your life, what is one joy that you had not yet noticed? Here's to your joy!

There was a lot of joyful news to report this week! For example:

Mon...people do some curious, yet joyful things: For example, as reported by SunnySkyz:

Couple Takes Ironing Board To Flooding Street, Starts 'Surfing' To Beach Boys

And then there's this guy and his dog:

Tue...the Koru swirl - "a New Zealand Maori symbol of creation, representing the regeneration of life and new beginnings" - is joyfully inspiring: From McKinley Corbley's piece for the Good News Network:

You Can Now ‘Reforest the Oceans’ One Online Search at a Time Thanks to This New Search Engine

You can use Ekoru ( for free - it works like Google and other search engines - but you should know ahead of time that you'll also be giving to a deserving cause (albeit indirectly). Like Google and other search engines, Ekoru generates advertising revenues. However, this firm joyfully donates 60% of those revenues to oceanic health.

Wed...someone went ice skating: From Jenn Fields' piece for ABC10, San Diego:

This Ice Skater Performs On Mountain Lakes!

"[Laura] Kottlowski has been mixing her passion for mountaineering with figure skating for a while now, and the images that have come out of her adventures are absolutely stunning... Check out this video she posted to her YouTube channel of her skate on Gokyo Lake, which sits at an elevation of 15,720 feet in the Mount Everest region of Nepal."

Thu...a kid went dancing: From McKinley Corbley's piece for the Good News Network:

When 8-Year-old is Left Without Escort to Daddy-Daughter Dance, Kind Officer Steps in As Her Date

A wish came true for this 8-year-old girl who wanted to attend the school’s daddy-daughter dance—because a compassionate security guard stepped in.

Avey Cox, now a second grader, had always been eager to attend the annual daddy-daughter dance with her friends at the Arkansas school—but after her father passed away over the holidays, the heartbroken youngster assumed she would not be able to go to the February soiree.

When Van Buren school resource officer Nick Harvey heard that Avey did not have an escort to the dance, however, he sought permission to be her date. Avey was thrilled to accept the invitation, and the dynamic duo even made sure to coordinate their outfits.

After Harvey and Avey took pictures, they rode in a limo to the school and danced the night away with the other elementary school kids and teachers. It was an event the youngster will not soon forget.

Not only that, Harvey says he hopes to be Avey’s escort for all the school dances to come so she never has to miss another dance.

And...'daddy-daughter' bonus joy!

Fri...sometimes things sound too good to be true; and some of those things decide to go ahead and be true, anyway: From Ben Gray's awesome piece for ADAPT:

This Penguin swims 5,000 miles every year for a reunion with the man who saved its life

Each year Din Din spends approximately eight months with Joao and is believed to spend the rest of the time breeding off the coast of Argentina and Chile.

I created this with gratitude for you, and all of the Joy that you might make today.  Let's go have some fun!

Sincerely, Matt

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