Get ready, get set for...Joyat6! Weekly recap (8/5-8/9)


I'm adjusting the format for this week's post; the content's the shortage of Joyat6 content here!

This week, we've got great quotes from: Rumi, Brené Brown, Walt Whitma, Geneen Roth, and Desomond Tutu.

There was a lot of joyful news to report this week! For example:

A kind man took some naps (from Monday's Joyat6):

These weren't just any naps, though. In fact, you may have caught wind of this last Fall, when the naps garnered a lot of attention, when the 'Cat Nap' Grandpa - Terry Lauerman - went viral. So, what was Terry up to?

Wisconsin Man, 75, Volunteers To Brush (and Nap with) [special needs] Cats ( , which led to a remarkable amount of attention, when it was further explained that: A man who volunteers every day at his local animal shelter is going viral for taking naps with the special-needs cats — and the photos will melt your heart ( .

Yes, that's right: Terry Lauerman went viral for brushing cats and falling asleep, peacefully. And persistently. Melt hearts, he (and his naps) did. As the shelter's founder explained, "We are so lucky to have a human like Terry," and, "Terry sleeps on accident like...every single day here."

Terry's social media celebrity status has been very good for the shelter. Donations to the Safe Haven shelter - since 'Cat Nap' Grandpa went viral - now exceed $40,000! ( This volunteer has saved a lot of kittens, and his work brings him quite a lot of joy, to boot.

Check out Terry's hangout - the Safe Haven Shelter in Green Bay, WI - here (

* * *

Somebody once graduated (from Tuesday's Joyat6):

To attend her son Stephan’s commencement ceremony, Sharonda Wilson was unable to attend her own...then ( something magical happened (


Click to open Youtube video in another window. **It is totally worth it!**

* * *

One lovely, joy-propogating story of the day (from Wednesday's Joyat6) was surprisingly born of a stranger's bad day:

The note read: “To the person who buys this book: I am having a tough day. I thought maybe I could brighten someone else’s with this little surprise. Go buy a coffee, donut, or a face mask. Practice some self-care today. Remember that you are loved. You are amazing. You are strong. Love, Lisa.” (


If you ever wonder about 'what difference' an act of kindness might make, please consider the case of 'Lisa' and the mystery fiver. Because it continued on.

Thousands of people - inspired by this story - started reporting their own, related random acts of kindness. The BBC picked up the story. And, according to a report from CNN ( roughly a month later, Lisa was able to track down the recipient of her initial good will:

After seeing other media talk about her Twitter post, the mysterious "Lisa" mailed Jost a card to her job on campus. (

"She said it made her cry in a good way," Jost recalled. But Lisa still didn't give away who she was. She left no return address, preferring to remain anonymous. Lisa wrote that it had been a difficult time in her life, Jost said, and she'd wanted "to create something positive -- she never really expected this to happen the way it has." (

* * *

Cooking from scratch may get a whoooooooole lot easier (from Thursday's Joyat6):

A new food made from 'thin air' could be a game changer for our planet — and beyond ( , reads the headline of Christian Cotroneo's new writeup for the Mother Nature Network. He explains:

"Someday, meals may not so much be cooked, as generated. As in, take a little water, add a dash of carbon dioxide, and give it an electrical jolt. Dinner is … materialized. But you're probably going to want fries with that. After all, Solein — a meal that's essentially zapped into existence from thin air — is essentially protein-rich dust, with all the flavorless possibilities that would suggest."

The global implications are manifold, as this new technology could make huge inroads in mitigating the global hunger and ecological impacts of the current agro-food economy.

Who knows how this will all turn out? Solein isn't slated to hit supermarket shelves before 2021. Meantime, you can learn more about Solein from the brand's owner - Solar Foods ( - who promise to deliver 'Food out of thin air'.

* * *

Friday's Joyat6 news was that a young man spent time with his Grandmother; Giana DiGangi, reporting for WJLA explains:

She had never seen the ocean. Now, with her grandson, she's seen 29 national parks. (

[This passage is directly quoted from the WJLA report.]

In fall 2015, Brad Ryan needed some joy in his life. He was in his fourth grueling year of vet school, and a fellow student had recently committed suicide, leaving the community shaken.

Brad paid a visit to his 85-year-old grandmother Joy, who still lived in his tiny hometown in Ohio. After he told her stories about his overseas travels and outdoor adventures, she expressed a regret that broke his heart.

"She said, 'I haven't seen the ocean, or the mountains,'" Brad said.

[end of quoted passage]

Those two hit the road, and they haven't looked back. You can follow their adventures on Facebook ( And, you can check out a pretty gnarly roll in the sand - as performed by Grandma Joy, herself - about halfway through this writeup on the Good News Network (

** It has been a great week for gettin' Joyful! With a little bit of Joy, next week can be even better, come what may.


** Here's to your Joy!


** I created this with gratitude for you, and all of the Joy that you might make today. Let's go have some fun!



MostlyJoyful Matt!

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