Birthday parties and ice cream's the weekly wrap-up for your JoyAt6!

Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!

This was a great week for gettin' Joyful, and sharing some shameless adoration for one of your musical heroes.

As someone wiser than me often says...and I sincerely believe that he is speaking to you (yes, YOU!)..."May your strength give us strength. May your faith give us faith. May your hope give us hope. May your love give us love." Yes, indeed! May it be so. Here's to your joy!

This week's quotes came from:

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen, who turned 70 years young on Monday;

Two-time Grammay nominee Muhammad Ali, who once had the privlege of giving my Aunt Liz a kiss on the cheek. Also, he boxed;

Danielle LaPorte, whose book The Desire Map did me some good;

Martha Stewart's partner in Potluck Dinner Partying, Snoop Dogg, who has always had a lot of interesting things to say;

Yusuf, who is widely known as Cat Stevens.

There was a lot of joyful news to report this week. For example...

Somebody skipped school:

From Ed Mazza's piece for the Huffington Post:

An Australian teen got the rock-and-roll lesson of a lifetime when he was tutored by none other than Bruce Springsteen on stage in front of thousands of people.

Nathan Testa, 14, was at The Boss’ show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre last Thursday when he held up a sign saying he had skipped school to be there and wanted to play “Growin’ Up” with Springsteen, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Do yourself a favor...

This was two years on the heels of Stan Goldstein's piece for, in which he wrote:

... while going through some YouTube clips, I found 11 enjoyable crowd-participation moments since 2009. These are spur-of-the-moment incidents when Bruce brings a fan or fans onstage, and it turns into one of those magical moments that goes viral among Springsteen fans.

Personally, I made it about 7 seconds into the first one before I burst into joy-tears. What else can I say?! Happy, happy birthday to you...Bruuuuuuuuuce!

And...somebody went for a drive:

From Vidya Raja's excellent piece in The Better India:

For me, a hero is someone who does noble acts, brave deeds, or outstanding service to humanity. Today, I am writing about a 76-year-old Delhi resident who lives up to all these ideals and expectations. So unassuming is Harjinder Singh that when I speak to him, he sheepishly tells me that he is famous on Facebook where a few pages have featured him. Little does he know that he is known well beyond the confines of social media.

When you speak to Singh, what will strike you almost immediately is his humility and his deep-rooted desire to help people. “I do not want ever to stand around and watch some helpless person lose his life."

And...somebody built a gym in London: Steel Warriors is very, very cool. From their own website:

Steel Warriors is a charity that aims to reduce the number of young people carrying knives in the UK. We melt down knives taken off London's streets and recycle the steel into outdoor calisthenics gyms.

We want to offer young people a free space that not only gets them talking about knife crime, but also provides them with more physical and mental confidence to walk the streets unarmed.

It's all about (re)creating space, and I love it!

And...a kid gave away some ice cream:

From Jason Newton's report for WBAL:

Baltimore County firefighters got a sweet treat from a young resident trying to help them keep cool while fighting a fire in Fullerton. The Fire Department tweeted a photo of the boy passing out ice cream sandwiches to crews. His family even brought out a fan for the firefighters. The department's spokesperson told 11 News they are always "amazed" by the community's support, saying, "It means so much to know that people appreciate our work."

And...a city has plans for a park:

From McKinley Corbley's piece for the Good News Network:

As a means of ending hunger and providing healthy food to all its citizens, the city of Atlanta is creating the largest public food forest in the United States.

According to a new piece of legislation that was passed last week, the food park will be located on 7 acres of vacant forested land near Lakewood Heights.

The ordinance states that the city plans to “transform these formerly vacant properties into a public park with edible trees, shrubs, vines and groundcover” with “public gathering spaces, walking trails, community garden beds and a restored forest and stream-side areas.”

Completion of the Urban Food Forest will pave the way towards the city’s goal of ensuring that 85% of their population will be within a half-mile of fresh food by 2021.

How cool is that?! For more about this amazing Atlanta initiative, you can check out AgLanta's site, which features extensive coverage of the Urban Food Forest at Brown's Mill.

I created this with gratitude for you, and all of the Joy that you might make in the week ahead. Let's go have some fun!

Sincerely, Matt

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