8 Rescued Puppies Reunite with the Hero Who Saved Them - Incredible Catch for this Fisherman!

From Spencer Chrisman's piece for WAFB9:

Heroic fisherman is reunited with puppies!

Chrisman writes, "We're all in need of a good story right now," and Louisiana fisherman Mac Kennedy has given us one. Back in February, things started off sadly for eight newborn puppies.  They were stuffed into a dogfood bag and thrown from a bridge into a bayou. Enter our hero. Mac Kennedy didn't know what was in the bag - he only went over to pick up what he believed was litter; not AN ENTIRE LITTER (I'll let myself out). He rescued the pups, and delivered them to Every Paw Animal Rescue. Although our fisherman saved them, those early days were difficult for the dogs, each of which required medical attention. Most of the puppies recovered well from their close call, but the runt - named Gabriel - really had to fight.  The good folks at Every Paw Animal Rescue nicknamed the litter, "miracle puppies" - all eight of them survived, even Gabriel. The miracle puppies reunited with our hero last week, when the Animal Rescue put them back into Mac Kennedy's loving hands for a visit.

According to the Every Paw Animal Rescue, the pups should be eligible for adoption in early April.  Click below and apply to adopt one, yourself!

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