7 Days Have Come and Gone...Now, It's Time to Get it On!

Thank you for being here today! It was a great week, and it's wonderful to be able to share it with you now.

This week's quotes came from:

Oscar Wilde (above), who later took the name Sebastian Melmoth. He was accompanied by a picture of a dwarf violet iris that probably bloomed because it had to...and just in time for me to walk along and take this picture;

David R. Hawkins, MD and PhD, who was a fascinating man. On Tuesday, he gave us my favorite definition of joy - an internal state that illuminates the external world;

Shel Silverstein! Inspiring motherhood (Hi Mom!) and the crisis in Amazon may seem to be unrelated. Both have been on my mind, recently. What does it mean to be brought into this world, hosted and nurtured, and to then do anything less than one's best with the opportunities given to them? Am I willing to live this day in a way that honors my miraculous elders, and the Earth that we share? May I be;

J.D. Salinger, who has been called "the world's most famous literary hermit"--he gave us quite a lot to think about on Thursday;

Ralph Waldo Emerson, who invites us to keep a grateful eye out for each of the moments that make up our lives.

There was a lot of joyful news to report this week! For example:

Somebody made some soup: reports that, "A Chef Has Been Delivering Free Soup To A Stranger With MS For Over A Year."

"You have to do these things because you like to do them, and have that connection with people," [Chef Juan Carlos] Beristain said to WGN's Erin Ivory.

Talk about blossoming for the joy of it. What a gift of care!

And...somebody's Grandmother dressed up in cowboy boots:

From Rheana Murray's report for Today:

When Amanda Scott was planning her wedding [in 2016], she couldn't help feeling like something wasn't quite right.

Then it hit her: She'd forgotten to include her best friend.

"We were talking about the wedding party, and something about it didn't feel complete," Scott, 24, told TODAY. "It was like a light bulb in my head — I should ask Granny to be a bridesmaid!" And, from Rose Minutaglio's report for People:

“It might be a bit untraditional, but Granny is my best friend!” Scott, 24, tells PEOPLE. “She’s the closest person to me and the person I spend the most time with, so my wedding wouldn’t have been complete without her as a bridesmaid.”

Scott thought her grandmother, who wore a beautiful white eyelet blouse, jean skirt and cowboy boots for the occasion, looked “absolutely stunning.”

I couldn't agree more!

And...somebody stepped up for someone and became a Mom; and, then, a kid stepped up and became a valedictorian (before accepting a full ride to Stanford):

From Genevieve Shaw Brown's report for Good Morning America:

What happens when someone you barely know steps up for you? What happens when that person pushes you to reach your full potential?

Incredible things.


Robert Hurley was a freshman in geometry class, who was also living in foster care. His Mother was serving time after an arrest for dealing drugs. When his teacher - Amy Krusemark - learned that the care system intended to relocate him, she stepped up and became his legal guardian. Three years later, after a lot of devotion from Krusemark and many others, and a lot of hard work on Robert's part...the kid graduated at the top of his class, and he had full scholarship opportunities at Stanford, Yale, and elsewhere to choose from.

You can check out Divya Kumar's extended coverage in the Tampa Bay Times here. My favorite part of her coverage is that Amy Krusemark once told Robert Hurley, "I want to help you be you."

Friend, what greater gift is there?

And...a kid got scared at bedtime and asked his Mom for help:

A heart-warming story unfolded from there.

The headline from KCRG: Iowa boy reaches out to police to help fight bad guys in his room.

And from Microsoft News: Iowa officer responds to kid with fear of monsters in his room.

You can check out even more detail at the young fellow's Mom's facebook page here.

I have a general anxiety disorder, and I know that I am so grateful for many of you - who have kindly accompanied and reassured me in your own way(s) - when my fear exceeds the reality of a situation.

And...last, but not least, there's another noteworthy Green Shirt Guy, and he pumped some gas:

From the Jackson (FL) Sun's Brandon Shields:

“I was crossing Highland Avenue on University Parkway, and there was a car stuck in the middle of the intersection holding up a lot of traffic,” said Clark.

“I was going through the intersection, and I looked at the woman in the car and she looked like she was crying and had that look like she had no idea what she could do,” Clark said. “She looked like she was in her early 20s and was desperate for help but no one was coming.”

“I’ve been there when a bad day gets worse and you’re just wishing something good would happen for you,” [Derek] Clark said. “So I decided to go ahead and pay to fill her tank up.”

It was at that time that another man at the gas station, Paul Russell Reed, took a picture of Clark and posted it on his Facebook page.

“Just witnessed this,” Reed wrote on his Facebook post. “The guy in the green shirt pushed this young lady and her car from Walgreens to the Kroger gas station. This image is of him buying her a tank of gas as well. Pay it forward.”

So, friend, there you have it - a full week's worth of full-service Joymails!

Thanks for checking in - come see us again, real soon!

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